Over the course of the pandemic we have seen firsthand just how much support nurses truly need. Inspire A Nurse was birthed out of our desire to meet nurses exactly where they're at. Nurses are helpers and healers, and while they get joy and fulfillment from supporting others, they need help too. 

Our dream is that nurses everywhere will know they they are not alone, and they are supported and appreciated.

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We see you and the hard work you are doing every single day. Want to receive a free gift?

The only thing you need to do is fill out the form below!

Each Inspiration Kit varies, but does include a small gift, thank you note, mantra card, and a whole lot of love!

We ship 500 kits each month!

Want to support nurses?

If you're not a nurse and are looking for a way to give back, we have three different ways for you to get involved! 


Send an email to InspireANurse@NursesInspireNurses.com 

with some encouragement and thanks for a nurse working on the front lines! 

These emails will be printed and mailed to nurses on our waiting list.

mail a note

Send handwritten cards or notes to the Nurses Inspire Nurses warehouse to be included with Inspiration Kits

You can mail cards to:

Nurses Inspire Nurses

15087 Northville Rd 

Plymouth, MI 48170

buy a gift

Purchase an item from our Amazon wish list to be included with Inspiration Kits!

Each Inspiration Kit varies, but does include a small gift, thank you note, mantra card, and a whole lot of love! 

 Each kit will be shipped to a nurse on our waiting list. 


If you'd like to make a donation to help cover shipping costs and employee labor associated with the program, you can do so here! 

Please note that Nurses Inspire Nurses is not a 501 c3 organization so donations are not tax deductible at this time.


What's included in an Inspiration Kit?

Each Inspiration Kit varies, but does include a small gift, thank you note, mantra card, and a whole lot of love! 

Will I know who received my Inspiration Kit?

Due to legalities, we will not be releasing any nurses' personal information.

I want to have an Inspiration Kit sent to a specific nurse I know, is that possible?

I want to adopt an entire unit, how do I do that?

At this time we are only sponsoring individual nurses in an effort to help them feel especially celebrated. 

Is there way a way I can contribute without spending money?

Yes! We have two options for you:

1) Please email a note of encouragement to InspireANurse@nursesinspirenurses.com

 2) We are collecting handwritten cards and notes to include with all Inspiration Kits. Please send any handwritten cards and notes to our warehouse:

Nurses Inspire Nurses

15087 Northville Rd. 

Plymouth, MI 48170

Is my gift tax deductible? 

No, Nurses Inspire Nurses is not a 501 c3 organization at this time (one day!) so your contribution is not tax deductible. 

FAQ for Nurses

Do I have to pay anything to be involved? 

No! Inspire A Nurse is FREE for nurses. Simply fill out the application form and we'll get you in line!

I am not working on a COVID unit, can I still apply? 

Yes! We are in this together. Please still apply.

I am a nursing student or a CNA, can I still apply?

At this time, Inspire A Nurse is specifically for nurses.

I would like to coordinate something for my unit to be adopted, how do I do that? 

At this time Inspire A Nurse is for individual nurses. We want y'all to feel love, celebrated and supported!

I am outside the U.S. Can I still receive an Inspiration Kit?

Unfortunately, at this time we are limited to only shipping in the U.S.

I have not received notification that my Inspiration Kit has shipped, how long will it take?

Due to the volume of requests we cannot guarantee shipment within a certain time frame. We are currently shipping 500 Inspiration Kits each month. 

How will I know my Inspiration Kit shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email from the Nurses Inspire Nurses Shop. Please make sure to check your spam! 

Can I nominate another nurse? 

Due to the nature of having to give an email and a mailing address we ask that nurses sign themselves up, as they need to give consent for us to send them their Inspiration Kit.


We've given over 6,000 Inspiration Kits so far and can't wait to get to all the nurses on our waiting list. 

For an update on the program, check out the video below!

thank you

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us with our mission to support nurses during this time. 

Cat + The Nurses Inspire Nurses Team