nurses inspire nurses bulk orders

Why bulk orders?

We've seen so many members of our community purchase merch to support each other. Bulk orders exist to give you a way to share the love & inspiration and save some money! 

what items can I place a bulk order for?

We are currently accepting bulk orders for our classic tees and Merry Bright & Essential holiday tees!

how much do bulk orders cost?

See our pricing sheet below for details! The more tees purchased, the higher discount we are able to provide you. 

do you do custom orders?

Yes! Please email us at to inquire about custom collaborations. 

do you have a sign-up sheet i can take to my unit?

We gotchu! Save the below image & print it out to bring to your unit for sign-ups!

how do i place an order?

To place a bulk or custom order, you can email us at and we'll get the process started.