Merry, Bright & Essential Pen

Our Merry, Bright & Essential pens are here!
They are black ink & perfect for spreading cheer this Holiday season.

Save money when you buy in bulk! Available in a five, ten or twenty pack.
Please note, the pen may be white and grey (as pictured here) or white and red, still with black ink and the same design!
Additional pens are in transit and we were unable to get photo. Items will still ship on time.

We know that nurses have always been essential.  But this year, we've shown the world just how essential we are.  You've done incredible work in 2020, and we want to carry that recognition into this holiday season. 

Nursing is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And the holidays are no exception. This year, we want to infuse joy + cheer into your days as you do the work that is so essential to the health of our country and our world. This is our way of doing just that - celebrating the season while also celebrating YOU and the incredible humans that you are.

All orders ship from our warehouse in Plymouth, MI within four business days!

5 Pack
10 Pack
20 Pack
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