Tips for Feeling Good While Working Long Shifts

Do you struggle feeling your best while working long shifts?!

At Nurses Inspire Nurses we believe you're a human first, nurse second always. Working twelve hour shifts as a human is no joke ... and by twelve we really mean fourteen hours amiright?!
If you're struggling to feel good while working or could use a little work refresh then look no further. We have a few tips to help you survive your next shift feeling your best. Try one, or multiple, and make work a whole vibe (yes, we believe that's possible!). 
Our Community App is spillin' the tea on all their favorite tips here!

⚡️ Brush your teeth at work
We know this sounds crazy but especially on night shift, brushing our teeth was always a trick we used to help us stay awake. Keep these little Crest disposable toothbrushes in my work bag!

Something our team tries to think about every day... drink more water! Why is it so difficult!? 💦😵 Shop our water bottle here! We heard it makes drinking water easier. 😉

⚡️️ Plan a meal with your work husband or wife 🍽 
We are not ones that should be left hangry and tired. Anyone else?! Plan shift meals with your bestie or work spouse. One of you bring the snacks, one bring the coffee, one bring a salad and the other bring all the toppings.🥗 Plan some epic meals and we're sure it'll make work more fun.

⚡️ Make a charting playlist
Sometimes ya just have to find your mojo and blast some tunes! Our founder was always known for listening to charting music (when appropriate for patient areas of course!). This could also be a fun unit activity and get everyone's favorite songs and create a unit playlist.
Check out the Family Road Trip playlist on Pandora if you're looking for something upbeat that is work appropriate! 

⚡️️ Organize a unit activity. 

We have ten ideas here!



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