The BEST Tool to Plan Your Week

March 08, 2020 2 min read

The BEST Tool to Plan Your Week

How often have you found yourself feeling guilty for spending your days off of work on the couch watching Netflix, and not getting anything done? What if we told you that you could have time to relax and not feel guilty at all, while still checking important things off of your list? 


That’s what planning your week can do for you - you can plan to take care of your priorities while also scheduling time to take care of yourself (yes, that can mean Netflix + chill!). Planning out your week and checking in with yourself can help you take back control of your time and feel amazing. If you plan to get your priorities done and schedule in your relaxation time, you can’t feel guilty for resting because you literally scheduled it into your week. 


This planning tool will help you get focused in on the three most important things that you need to do each week. We only left space for three things because often we can get overwhelmed with a long list  of tasks. If we only have three tasks we need to check off, often our momentum gets us finishing more than those three. But, if you’ve got a lot going on during the week, finishing those three things gets the most important stuff done! We also created space for you to plan to make time for yourself in your happy place, whether that is relaxing on the couch or getting a coffee at your favorite coffee shop. There’s a space for community so you can make time for the people who are important to you. And, there’s a space at the bottom for you to brain dump tasks that you need to get done so that you don’t forget anything!


Just click this link to download your FREE Weekly Planning Tool!


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