Set Your Week Up For Success

Wanna get your week on lock 🔐🔐 before those 3 in a row hit?!

A few tips to help you slay your week 👇👇

💥 Movement Mondays! Every Monday we're moving as a community. It's so important to get the week started on the right foot and we all know how good circulating energy is for our well being. Whether you plan a workout, take the stairs at work, or have a dance party - tag us in those selfies, release some endorphins & get movin' with us!  

💥 Meal prep some amazing food! Baked oats, leftovers from the weekend, or an easy summer salad are all great places to start. Get your snacks organized and ready to grab 'n go, set that coffee pot to brew at the perfect time and you'll be ready when it's time to head out that door to work! 

💥 Plan something fun to do after a long stretch of shifts! Having something to look forward to always motivates us to keep moving forward one step at a time. It doesn't have to be something huge just something that's meaningful to you!

💥 Use our weekly planning tool to set your week up for success! We are the owners of our time and this tool helps us claim back some of our time! 

💥 Set an intention to rest & schedule it! Maybe it's watching the newest episode of Ted Lasso, sleeping in an extra hour, or simply taking a few minutes in the morning to feel great before your day. Whatever rest looks like for you, plan it out before the week starts!


Our Community is all about giving the best recs & advice. Follow along for more tips from them on setting your week up for success here!


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