New Year Journal Prompts for Nurses!

December 28, 2022 3 min read

New Year Journal Prompts for Nurses!

Just like those choose your own adventure books, this is a choose your own adventure for 2023. We know we’re all different and evolving in different ways, so we created four different paths for you to choose from. Pick one path, light some candles, play a chill playlist and begin journaling on the questions listed for that specific path. 


Stay the Course

  1. What about my current situation is helping me thrive? 
  2. What can I continue to do in order to stay the course and keep myself headed in this same direction?
    1. One thing at work:
    2. One thing in my self-care routine:
    3. One thing in my relationships:
    4. One thing at home:
  3. What is one action I can take when I feel myself getting off track?

Consider implementing this3 step gratitude practice in order to stay the course and keep your energy in a good place!


Focus on my Career 

  1. What are some goals I have for my career this year?
  2. Rank these goals in order of importance.
  3. Starting with the first goal, what are three action steps I can take to begin working towards this goal?
  4. What about my current work situation do I like? How can I make sure this continues?
  5. What about my current work situation do I wish was different? What actions can I take (maybe this relates to your goal above) to begin changing this situation? 

Consider reading these two articles to further support you in focusing on your career!3 Actions to Achieve Your Professional Goals andTaking Action When You Feel Stuck in Your Nursing Career.


2023 The Year of Me

  1. Thinking back on 2022, what moments stick out that I wish I had taken better care of myself or put myself first? List a few. 
  2. Is there a theme around when/how/where these moments occur? 
    If yes, consider what that theme is and if that needs to be the focus for the next couple questions. If not, that is ok! Consider the next questions and answer based on what’s coming up for you.
  3. If I could wave a magic and make 2023 the year I unashamedly put myself first, how would I want that to look? What am I doing? How am I acting? 
  4. What is one, tiny action (think 5-7 minutes) I can implement daily to get closer to putting myself first? 
  5. What is one action (think 15-30 minutes) I can implement 1x weekly to get closer to putting myself first.
  6. What is one action (think 2-4 hours) I can take 1x monthly to get closer to putting myself first. 

Consider reading these two articles to further support you in making 2023 the year of ME!Finding Moments of Mindfulness During a Busy Shift and3 Ways to Thoughtfully Reflect on 2022 (this could help you with Question #1 specifically). 


Make a Change

  1. What behavior or habit am I wanting to change?
  2. What is currently in my way from creating this change? 
    Consider the following list: thoughts, feelings, current behaviors and your environment.
  3. When I think about myself in the future having already accomplished this change how do I feel? How am I walking around? How am I holding myself? What’s different in my life?
  4. Reflect on a time when you created a change in your life and ask yourself these questions.
    1. What was the change? 
    2. What helped me make that change? 
    3. What internal factors helped? 
    4. What external factors helped?

Consider reading this to further support yourself! How to Implement Change and Take Action on Your Goals.


 Download each path's journal questions here at this link!


We’d recommend saving this resource and coming back to it throughout the year. Our lives can change so much in twelve months and maybe where you find yourself now isn’t where you’ll be headed three months from now. Let this guide you as you choose which path you want to take for the current moment and come back to it as needed!


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