Nail Your Weekly Routine as a Nurse

March 18, 2022 2 min read 2 Comments

Nail Your Weekly Routine as a Nurse

Always wake up feeling behind?
Is your day out of control before it's even started?
As nurses, our schedules can be all over the place. One week we're working three in a row and the next week our schedule is completely different.
This can make it difficult to know how to adjust from one
week to the next. 
We know we cannot always control what shows up in our day, but having a starting point and a plan for the day or week really can help when the uncontrollable comes a knockin'.
We always try to remember that when it comes to our schedule, it's not about perfection, it's about progress. Sometimes we have to pivot and try something new in the face of the unknown.
Come back to this resource when you feel like your routine needs a re-set!

Grab all three resources here at this link!

If you're day by day, try out this daily check-in tool! 

If you're wanting to focus on the week ahead, try out this weekly planning tool.


If you want to adjust something in your schedule and don't know where to begin, try this two week auditing tool. What we track naturally improves, so whether it's sleep or changing up how much water you drink this is sure to help you get clear!

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Jodene Strelley
Jodene Strelley

April 19, 2022

Hello! The link to download isn’t working :(

Morgan S.
Morgan S.

April 19, 2022

Could you link these as pdfs? It wouldn’t let me save it except as a photo

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