The Nurses Inspire Nurses Community App

March 22, 2022 2 min read

The Nurses Inspire Nurses Community App

Did I do enough for my patient?
How long will this last?
How much more can I handle?
Sometimes it's not the answer we need, but a safe place to ask a question.
This is exactly why we created our free Nurses Inspire Nurses Community App! Nursing can be tiring and isolating, and no one understands it like other nurses do. We have over 3,000 nurses inside the Community App ready to welcome you home, support you, cheer you on when you need it and celebrate you for the beautiful human that you are. 

What do you get inside the Community App?!

📱We have groups you can join, topics you can follow, events you can attend and SO much more! 

📱Stay up to date on the latest posts & happenings right on the newsfeed.

📱Start a conversation with another nurse through a direct message.

📱Find nurses within your specialty if you're in need of some advice or find nurses who live near you if you're looking to make a new, local nurse bestie.

📱We have a monthly book club group that's a blast & meets on Zoom once a month to talk about our book picks!

📱We host events, exclusive shop sales, and all the giveaways you could want!
To dive in, join our free Nurses Inspire Nurses community app,
create a profile, add your nurse specialty, and say hi!


Welcome to the most supportive nursing community on the planet! We're here to inspire you, lift you up, and help you shine brighter.

We have a shop with merch designed just for you, plenty of free resources, the most incredible community, fun + inspirational events, and a whole lot of love! Welcome home! 

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