Speaking up for Yourself

January 04, 2022 1 min read

Speaking up for Yourself

Do you struggle to speak up to providers, co-workers, or for yourself?

Here are a few tips that may help 👇👇


🗣  Rely on your own experiences.  You may not have as much clinical experience as your coworkers, but don't be afraid to tap into your own life experiences, education and intuition. 

🗣  Build relationships with your coworkers and supervisors outside of medical situations. Build rapport with the people you work with. The more you communicate, the easier it becomes. 

🗣  Know what you think, believe and feel.  Use your values as the cornerstone on which you speak on. If you are firm in what you believe, it will be easier to identify the moments that you need to speak up. 

🗣  Start small.  When these experiences are positive, you will have more confidence to speak up in crucial situations. 


If this was helpful and you want to further learn how to use your voice in a positive way at work, join us for The Belief Ceremony on January 19th (must secure your ticket by January 11th). 




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