Refocusing After Winter Break

January 04, 2022 2 min read

Refocusing After Winter Break

January is here, school is back, and we're all trading in our holiday hype for sleepless study sessions. There's no magic wand to get through this semester quickly, but a good attitude and a game plan can help you get back in a groove quickly. 

With that, here are a few tips to help you come back from your winter break strong! 

Get a planner or find an app that works for you, because let's be honest, you'll be using it a lot 😉  But something about a fresh start with a new planner brings a little life into all of those to-do's. 

New classes, clinicals and study demands... try finding a good routine within the first few weeks back. Don't forget to include exercise, time for healthy meals/cooking and a break every now and then for scheduled self care! 

Try combating the "back to school blues" with doing something fun within the first month back. This could be taking a day trip to a new city, gathering the ladies for a girls night on the town, or going hiking on some local trails. Whatever you can do to get you relaxed and your mind off of your studies for a bit. 
What do you think? Which one of these tips could you implement into your spring semester? Leave a comment below! Or share this with one of your classmates who's grinding through it with you!  


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