How To Boost Morale On Your Unit

Energy is contagious, and sometimes, our units need a little morale boost to get everyone in a more positive mindset at work. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to boost morale on the unit that are easy, low cost, and fun! 

1. Have a theme day!

Whether it’s a crazy sock day, a Sunday Bunday, or on Wednesdays We Wear Pink, any type of theme will make your work environment more cheerful. Let everyone know in advance what theme you'll have and make sure both dayshift and nightshift are included!

2. Coordinate a fun potluck - but not just any ol' potluck!

  • Have everyone bring their favorite childhood cereal and guess who brought what. 
  • Create a spin-off of a cooking show, like the Great British Baking Show, and have everyone bring in something they made. Then rate each other anonymously and have a prize for the winner! 
  • Have a themed potluck based on what time of year it is: for the holidays, have everyone bring their favorite holiday dish, or if it’s the SuperBowl or the beginning of a sports season, have everyone bring their favorite sports-related snack! 

3. Make a staff appreciation board 

Use this free template, grab some scissors, fun pens, tape, stickers if ya have them, and any free wall or window to affirm all the lovely people you work with.  

    4. Have a guess the kid day

    Have everyone bring in a childhood picture of themselves. Lay them out in the breakroom or at the nurses station and have everyone vote on who they think is who!

    5. Leave conversation cards in the breakroom

    Leave a set of conversation cards in the breakroom so you can ask and answer fun questions to get to know each other better on your breaks! 

    6. Schedule monthly unit social outings

    Pick a different date/time each month so that everyone on different shifts can come to different outings. Some ideas of outings you can schedule: 

    • Try a new restaurant in your area - something communal like Korean BBQ, hot pot, or fondue are fun ways to have a communal eating experience and bond!
    • Go on a hike together 
    • Do an escape room
    • Schedule a workout in the park and have someone lead class (chances are, there’s a fitness-lover on your unit!)

    7. Decorate the unit together for each season

    Have everyone pitch in a couple bucks for holiday decorations and then schedule a time to decorate the unit before your shifts. You can incorporate everyone on your unit by writing their names on stars, leaves, baseballs or any fun shape cut out of construction paper. This makes your environment more cheerful and helps to have things lookin' festive when you're working the holidays together!

    8. Nursing Bag Bingo

    Play Nursing Bag Bingo & see who holds the record for most items! We have the Bingo board for free here

    If you're looking for some fun, low-cost prize ideas, check out our: 

    * These have bulk options with better pricing! Grab a pack of 10 stickers or badge reels, or bundle the Sharpies in packs of 3. Check with your manager and see if there's any room in the budget to spend a couple $ on your unit morale boosting ideas - it's in everyone's best interest to have a high vibe work environment!

    Have any unit morale boosting ideas? Leave them below in the comments so we can share the positive energy!


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