Get To Know Your Co-workers - Unit Activity

April 21, 2022 2 min read

Get To Know Your Co-workers - Unit Activity

At Nurses Inspire Nurses we believe who you are as a human matters. Your unique story is your superpower and it deserves to be told. Today we want to remind you that who you are as a human is enough and our human experiences and emotions deserve to be shared.

There is nothing more empowering than speaking your truth. We believe our boldness allows others to step into their power and do the same. When we get to know our co-workers on a human level it makes for a more collaborative, supportive and fun work environment!

Let a little of your personality shine and connect with a co-worker today through this unit activity!

Download the instructions and bolt printable at this link!

  Unit Activity Instructions:

  1. Make copies of the instructions and bolt page available at the link above. Cut out one bolt for every member of your unit. 
  2. Use one of the lighting bolts to write one of your unique or funny nursing personality traits. Some examples we’ve heard:
  • Wears eyeliner on night shift
  • Tells the same 5 jokes to every patient
  • Eats her whole lunch in the first 2 hours of her shift
  • Does the best impersonations of all their co-workers to make everyone laugh
     3. Hang all the bolts up on a bulletin board or your break room area!
     4. Have everyone on your unit sign their name OR make it a game and       
        number the bolts then have everyone guess which number goes with    
        which nurse on your unit.


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