5 Tips for Taking Insta-Worthy Photos

October 26, 2020 2 min read

5 Tips for Taking Insta-Worthy Photos

We have all the tips for taking the best photos from our resident photographer (and one-line queen) here at Nurses Inspire Nurses! Sarah takes all of the photos you see on our 'gram and on the website. 

She's a magic maker with the camera and is here today to share all her best tips with you! 
Get ready for your feed to be lookin' 🔥 
tip #1: what do I do with my hands?!
Try resting your head on your hands (like Cat is doing below!) or playing with your hair.

tip #2: is your photo looking stiff?

Add some movement and give it a twirl or walk towards the camera.

tip #3: lighting looking off? 

Bright lighting can be a bit harsh! Try stepping into the shade for a more flattering photo.

It's how you go from this 😬

to this 😍

tip #4: calling all fashionistas!
Move in closer to get photos of the pieces that make up your look and post them together. 

tip #5: use the rule of thirds

Don't be afraid of space or worry about having your photo be perfectly centered. Imagine a 3x3 grid over your photo and try to line up the subject on one of the lines or intersection of the lines to make your photo more interesting to the viewer.

Huge thank you to Sarah for dropping all of this wisdom. You can find her photography business on IG here

Happy 'gramming! 

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