Anti Racism Resources

June 03, 2020 2 min read

Anti Racism Resources

Nursing is the most trusted profession- and as such, we have the obligation to speak out against racism and the inequality that affects our black coworkers, patients, and community. 

We’ve collected resources for you to educate yourself and take action to support our black nurses, patients, family, and friends. We hope you’ll join us in learning, listening, and taking action.


Educate yourself without placing the burden on the black community to be your teachers. Google is your friend and so are these books, videos, and courses:




Change does not happen unless action is taken. We encourage you to sign a petition, donate to important causes, support black-owned businesses, vote, check in with your black friends and colleagues, and speak up.

Sign a petition: 
Make a financial donation: 
Support black-owned businesses near you 
Register to vote
Check in with your black friends, family, partners, and colleagues
  • Let them know that you are here for them and that you support them. 
Actively speak up and take a stand if you see or hear racism taking place. 


We are committed to listening, learning, and standing up for this community. 

If you have something you'd like to include in this list of resources, please leave a comment below! 

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