A Tool To Help You Live More Intentionally

July 07, 2022 2 min read

A Tool To Help You Live More Intentionally

Do you remember the first time you started an IV? No amount of nursing school can prepare you for actually sticking your patient with a needle for the first time. You had to take action and physically insert the IV into human flesh to learn. If you’re anything like us, the first time was not that great😂, but we survived and learned what not to do the next time. Then we did our second IV and third. We kept doing them and now could probably do an IV in our sleep. 

It all started with one small step. That’s why at Nurses Inspire Nurses we’re so obsessed with taking action. We believe so strongly that taking action breeds confidence and clarity. Doing one IV helped us learn what to do the second time. Then the second time prepared us with what to do even better the third and so on. 

It's one thing to intend to do something, like starting an IV for the first time, but the game changer is taking that one small action in order to move the needle forward (no pun intended) on that intention or goal you are wanting to achieve.

🌟Intention + Action = Magic 🌟

We created this tool to help you take whatever action is needed to get you one step closer toward your goals because no one ever got confident or clear by sitting in one place forever. They took action! 

Fill in the top circle with your intention and then in the bottom circle fill in the action you need to take that matches that intention.

​Then take the action! 🎬🎬 

Other areas you may want to set an intention are: Family, Relationships, Money, School, Time, etc. We created this second graphic so you could fill in your own intention if you want it!

Ways to implement this tool:

  • Utilize it as a reflective tool on Sunday as you look at your week ahead. 
  • Use it at work if you’re new or training a new nurse. We can’t know it all and do it all in one day, so focus on one area you want to improve - the intention behind it and an action item you can take to gain more confidence and clarity. 
  • If you need clarity in an area of your life.

Cheers to taking action 🎬 and living a life we're obsessed with! Remember you have an entire Community here cheering you on always. Make sure to hop in our free app if you need support, are struggling on how to take action, or want to share your successes!




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