A Survival Guide For Working Weekends

If you're a nurse, chances are you have or have had a job where working weekends is required. 

Working the weekend is something we've talked to so many nurses about because, let's be honest, it can be really freakin' hard. When the rest of the world is spending time with family and friends or enjoying a lazy Sunday, it's easy to focus on the bad parts of having to work the weekend. 

We're here to drop some tips to help you survive working the weekend and bring a little joy into your shifts! 

Our top three tips for working the weekend are small but mighty 💥

We also asked members of the community to share their favorite tips for working the weekend below. 

4 tips for working the weekend

1) get your favorite coffee or tea!

Take the time before work to stop and get your favorite coffee or tea. You know, the order that you save for special occasions? Working weekends are the time to go for it and treat yourself! 

2) Play music while charting

If your unit allows it, play some uplifting music while you chart. There's nothing like a little music to boost your mood!

We have a bunch of playlists on our Spotify profile for you to pick from! 

3) Schedule something to look forward to

Plan something to look forward to for your next day off! This can be as simple as picking your favorite takeout or making plans to get outside with a friend. Make time to do the things that fill up your cup - you are worth it ❤️

4) Did you know we have an app?

Our Community App is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to hop into when you're working the weekend. Whether you need some extra support, a safe place to vent and share wtf moments, ask questions or post your weekend selfies our Community app is the perfect place. The best news is it's free! Join here!

community tips for working the weekend

  • If it's your first night shift, enjoy the first half of Saturday with your family or friends! Get out of bed! 

  • Organize matching scrubs and Nurses Inspire Nurses tees with your coworkers 

  • Get plenty of sleep and meal prep before your first weekend shift

  • Prepare a nice meal for you to bring to work and don't forget the chocolate! 

  • Prep food and plan potlucks with your coworkers to keep things fun and the energy positive

  • Treat yourself to something special! Lunch/dinner out or a fancy coffee! 

  • Schedule something to look forward to on a weekday like a mani/pedi with your bestie! 

To sum it up: elevate the little things like coffee or a nice meal, try to keep the vibe high at work with your coworkers, and schedule something during your 'weekend' during the week! 

Cheers to you, weekend warriors! 


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