A Letter To My New Nurse Self (10 Years Ago)

February 04, 2022 2 min read

A Letter To My New Nurse Self (10 Years Ago)

It can be so easy in the day to day to forget how far we’ve come. Anyone else ever felt that way? 

Reflection is a powerful self-care tool that can help us sit in gratitude, realize our accomplishments, and dream new dreams for our future. 

If you could write a letter to your new nurse self, what would you say?

Remember the nerves, excitement, feelings of inadequacy, finally having an income, meeting your preceptor, getting lost in the hospital, you name it, we've all been there! The founder of the Nurses Inspire Nurses Community, Cat Golden, has walked through it, too. 

This is what Cat would say…

Dear New Graduate Cat, 

It’s ok to not know exactly why you want to be a nurse, doubt your scientific brain (we know you don’t love science and that’s ok), and overall be confused about how this whole thing will pan out. Trust the desire that you have, it will unlock doors beyond your wildest dreams. 

Oh, and it’s ok that you like to break the rules a little bit. This will ultimately lead to you being successful…you’re a lightworker, a change maker, and you weren’t made to follow the rules so keep being you and keep being feisty. We got this!

Present-Day Cat

Clearly our founder was still trying to make every day a vibe, even ten years ago - pictures with the Easter bunny, her nurse bestie, and hot pink scrub pants. 
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