6 Ways to Lift Up Your Coworkers

September 17, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

6 Ways to Lift Up Your Coworkers

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6 Ways to Lift Up Your Coworkers

Supporting our coworkers + uplifting each other is one of the reasons that Nurses Inspire Nurses was founded. Today we're sharing six (free!) ways that you can uplift your coworkers and raise the vibe on your unit!

1. Make a coworker a cup of coffee, just how they like it.

There’s nothing better than someone delivering you a coffee when you’re caught up charting. You could also bring in coffee or tea for your unit to share to mix things up from the usual hospital coffee!

2. Nominate your coworkers for awards

It can be easy to think that things like employee of the month don’t matter, but recognizing your coworkers for the amazing work they do will make you and your unit feel good.

3. Lend a listening ear

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear of someone who gets it to start feeling better. If your coworker needs support, try to be aware if you’re inserting yourself and your experiences in the conversation. It can be easy to get caught in the “who has it worse” comparison in nursing. Next time a coworker needs to vent, try to just listen, and provide support. Here are some examples of what you can say to help: “That really sucks to deal with, but I’m so proud of you” “You’re doing the best you can with what you have” “I’m going to do xyz to help”.

4. Post love notes in your break room or bathroom

Most of our break rooms and bathrooms are covered in unit announcements and hospital policies (how many of us have read a policy 17 times while peeing?!). Add a little fun to the mix with some positive post-its or notes to coworkers that you want to shout out. Bonus: Grab some Nurses Inspire Nurses stickers + write love notes on the back, then gift them to your coworkers!

5. Send a nice text after a hard shift together

After a rough shift, just sending a text to say “hey, that sucked, but I soooo appreciate you!” can make someone’s day!

6. Make sure your coworkers take a lunch break

If you notice that a coworker is running behind and has a lot to catch up on, see what you can do to help them go take a break. Sometimes the unit is on fire and this isn’t possible, but we’ve found that more often than not a little help can go a long way. 

Bonus tip: 

Take care of yourself so that you can come into work with the best version of yourself. Even one person on the unit remaining positive when things get stressful can change the whole vibe! Some ideas if you don’t know where to start: Make sure you get your workout in, spend time with loved ones outside of work, block out an hour or two each week for self-care, and allow yourself to rest when you’re tired.

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Elizabeth Coffey
Elizabeth Coffey

September 23, 2020

My Daughter in law is the most fabulous person and nurse. She works very hard to help people having the worse time of their life. She is God;’s blessing

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