6 Ways To Create More Energy

June 30, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

6 Ways To Create More Energy

  1. Get outdoors and breathe in fresh air! If you can, take your shoes off and feel the grass underneath your feet, or pause and take some deep breaths. This will help ground you, plus we could all use a lil' more vitamin D (especially us nightshifters... we see you!) 
  2. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or tea. We all love a caffeine boost and sometimes a little pick-me-up is all you need!
  3. Eat a nourishing meal or snack.Our energy can be greatly affected by our diets, and making sure you're eating plenty of healthy, nourishing foods can help you increase your energy!
  4. Decrease stress with meditation. Feeling stressed out can cause you to feel low in energy, and meditation is a great way to ground yourself in the present moment and feel less stressed. We've got a few free meditations made just for you - check them out here
  5. Sweat it out! Giving yourself the gift of endorphins is one of the best ways to create more energy for yourself. Walk outside, dance it out to your latest favorite songs, or try a new workout class. Bonus points if you send us your sweaty selfie in your Nurses Inspire Nurses merch
  6. Get some zzz's. Sometimes we are low in energy simply because we haven't gotten enough sleep. If you feel guilty for sleeping in - make a plan for 1-2 days that you can sleep in this week. Planning out your sleep can help with those guilty feelings. Remember: sleep is a basic, essential need. Don't deprive yourself of this!

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Ginger Barnes
Ginger Barnes

July 14, 2020

I like the suggestions…. trying them sometimes is hard, I am pushing myself

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