6 Ideas For Your Spring Break Staycay

March 19, 2020 2 min read

6 Ideas For Your Spring Break Staycay

Spring break, social distancing style! 

We originally had a traveling Spring Break contest planned with our new spring wine tumbler release, but since we are all social distancing we decided to give you some staycation ideas for our Spring Break contest instead! 

These are some fun ways to spend your days off work at home and make it feel like vacay.

  1. Bath & Bubbles: Fill your tumbler with some bubbles, like sparkling water or champagne, and take a bubble bath! You’ll get some time to relax with a fun drink in hand and recharge from your shifts.
  2. Walk & Talk:  Take a walk, call a friend, and bring some iced coffee in your tumbler! This is a great way to socialize safely and spread some love to your friends. 
  3. Books & Booch: Dust off that book that you’ve been meaning to read and pour your fav kombucha in your tumbler so it stays cold. If you have a balcony or porch, sit outside in the sunshine to get some Vitamin D while you enjoy!
  4. Wine & Dine: Find a fun recipe that you can make with ingredients in your pantry, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get cooking! You also could order in your favorite takeout meal, drink some wine, and watch a movie you haven’t seen yet. 
  5. Paint & Party: Schedule a virtual painting party with your friends. Make it like a fun painting class, bring some vino or your favorite cocktail in your tumbler, and get painting! You could also draw if you don’t have paints at home. Get silly with it if you are not artistically talented (raising our hands over here!)
  6. Move & Groove:  Put some fun songs on and get groovin’! Dancing is a great way to get some exercise while cooped up indoors, and music always raises the vibe. Bonus points for using your tumbler as a mic! If you’re looking for some fun playlists to get you started, check out our Spotify page. Our workout playlists and commute pump up playlists are perfect for dancing! 

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We are also hosting a contest to win a free tumbler by sharing your staycay - check out @nursesinspirenurses to find out how!

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