5 Small Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

July 08, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

5 Small Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

1. Leave your phone inside and get outdoors! 

It is so important for your mental health to find some grounding techniques that rejuvenate you. This could be walking barefoot in your yard, smelling flowers, swimming, hiking, soaking up 10 minutes of Vitamin D on your patio, etc. Do some type of activity in nature where you can see, smell and feel something outside. 

2. Do a body scan 

Our bodies do a ton of work for us every single day and they also take a lot on. Find a peaceful place to lay down and do a scan of your body. Start with the top of your head and work your way down to each body part until you reach your feet. Take a deep breath as you focus on each part of your body. How does it feel?  What areas are stressed or hurting? 

Use this to help guide you into finding something this week that will reduce some stress around those areas. You can also type Body Scan into your Spotify for some great sound resources to help walk you through one.

 3. Drink water! 

I know....everyone says it! It is SO important. Buy a fun water bottle or tumbler and fill it up. Water, water, water. You can do it! 

4. Do a brain dump

We carry so much around in those heads of ours & we often forget to take care of them just like we would the rest of our body. Take out a piece of paper and a pen & turn your timer on for 2-4 minutes.  Start your timer and just write whatever is on your mind. This is not a to do list. This is a brain dump. Get it all out. This can help with anxious feelings or feelings of overwhelm. 

5. Laugh! 

We all need to laugh. It's so so good for our mental and physical health. I love Kevin Hart and recently watched one of his comedy specials on Netflix. I laughed for a whole hour and it felt amazing. Netflix is filled with comedy specials you could watch or if that's not your jam look up nurse memes on Pinterest to get a laugh in. Whatever it is find some ways to laugh this week!

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Kayla Maggi
Kayla Maggi

November 04, 2020

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for this one!! I have been very bad anxiety these last couple months with everything changing in the world with COVID, my husband and I buying our first house and then I left two jobs and now at a new place and trying to adjust to a new speciality I have never done! Lots of anxiety..going to use these tips <3

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