5-Day Self-Love Party

February 11, 2022 2 min read

5-Day Self-Love Party

We’re coming off the high of our 2022 Self Love Party and we’re still feeling incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by YOU, the nurse who knows they have the power to make a difference in their field of nursing.

If you enjoyed our 5-Day Self-Love party and want to bring that energy to your unit, let this be your go-to resource!

Nurses Inspire Nurses was built on the belief we are humans first, nurses second. Our hope is that these actions will help you love yourself just a little bit more. Here’s the breakdown of how we partied all week long:

  • Day 1: Movement Monday
      • Love your body! It can be so easy to compare and criticize. Today let yourself dance, move, run, walk, stretch, or do whatever feels good to you.
    • Day 2: Write yourself a love letter
        • Type a note in your phone or write a letter in your journal, speaking to yourself like you would to your best friend. Answer one or all of these prompts:
          • Something I really love about you is… 
          • You’re doing a really great job at… 
          • I’m so proud of you for… 
      • Day 3: Change your phone wallpaper to something that exudes self-love
          • Need help choosing? Click here to see what we came up with!
      • Day 4: Let your personality out at work
          • Share a fun fact about yourself with a patient or co-worker. What makes you, you?! Share that with someone at work today. 
        • Day 5: Wear your favorite Nurses Inspire Nurses tee!
            • These aren’t just tees to us, they’re hope and love and a message that you stand for more. Together we rise. You inspire, you are worthy of the same love and care you give to everyone else. We love you and we stand with you. 

          Bonus… really lovin’ on yourself?! Voice record or video record yourself reading your self-love message and play it on your way to work. Be your own biggest fan!

           We’re stronger together, so if you’re not already a member, we invite you to join us in our Community app! 💜

          To make things even more fun, print out these Self Love Party graphics and share them with your unit! 

          Tag us on during your Self Love Party at @nursesinspirenurses so we can come alongside you and celebrate the heart behind nursing!



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