4 Ways to Support Yourself This Holiday Season

December 05, 2022 2 min read

4 Ways to Support Yourself This Holiday Season

We know this community is so often giving to everyone else in their lives, and with the holidays here the list of those you're giving to can become even longer. With our theme being the Holiday Hype Crew this year, we knew we had to make sure you had ways to hype yourself up!

1. Hype yourself up!
Write on some sticky notes things you're proud of yourself for and hang them up around places you commonly go like your bathroom mirror, your coffee pot, etc.
Buy yourself a gift before anyone else this holiday season. So often we're buying gifts for others and while that's amazing, maybe you need to gift yourself something as a reminder that you are deserving of celebration and love!
Verbalize to a friend something you're doing well at right now.

2. Allow yourself to have joy!

One of our team's favorite books is Heart Talk by Cleo Wade and in that book Cleo wrote ...

We so often underestimate the power of having joy. It can help warm the soul in times of struggle, and when we share our joy with others it can help light their path to show them the way forward.

3. Find a moment of peace!
Whether it's taking the day off to give yourself a break, or finding small moments of quiet during a busy shift or schedule, we're here to remind you today you deserve some peace!
We wrote a great resource for connectRN called Finding Moments of Mindfulness During a Busy Shift and it has some great tips for supporting yourself mid-shift.
We have a 2 minute check-in phone wallpaper you can download at this link. Keep it in your phone and implement it during your next shift or holiday dinner that isn't going as well as you'd hope.
Consider taking some time to ponder and write down some answers to these journal prompts:
1. Where do I feel the most stress or tension in my life right now?
2. What is the biggest factor having an impact on this stress/tension?
3. Is there one thing I can do to help support myself as I work through this stress/tension?

4. Give yourself some love! ❤️ 
Change up your phone wallpaper to something that speaks kindness to yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back (yes, actually pat yourself on the back). Write yourself a love letter about how amazing you are and all the ways you've made it through this year. Love on your body by using some nice lotion or giving yourself a foot soak to remind yourself you deserve attention and care.

YOU are worthy of the same love & care you give to others

YOU matter

YOU are a beautiful human

YOU are deserving of all the self-love

Here cheering you on this holiday season!



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