3 Tips to Rock Your Commute

March 08, 2020 2 min read

3 Tips to Rock Your Commute

Does your commute feel like a sacred space in your day, a time when you can prepare yourself for your shift or decompress as you come home? 

Or does it look like you stressed out because you're running a few minutes late already, stomach grumbling because you didn't have time to eat a meal before you left, and feeling exhausted even though you skipped your morning rituals to sleep a little longer?

 We FEEL ya.

And we've got a solution for you! Enter...

Three things you can do to change your commute and set yourself up for success!

These three things will help center you, help you feel less anxious, and bring a little joy into your commute whether it's five minutes or an hour. 


1) Dedicate 10 minutes before you leave the house to make sure you have food packed + make a special bevvie for your commute, whether that's a pour-over coffee or a tea latte. We recommend prepping your food for your shifts in advance so you can keep your energy up and not spend extra money on so-so food from the cafeteria. This will also help you feel less stressed and chaotic throughout your shifts. Taking the time to make a special drink before work will bring a little more joy into your morning or evening and keep you from drinking burnt hospital coffee (ain’t nobody got time for that)! 


2)  Listen to ONE song on your way into work that you're obsessed with. You know, the one that you can't help but shout the lyrics to and vibe with because it makes you happy. That's the one that we want you to dance and sing to in your car to pump yourself up. If you need a little inspo, check out our Commute Pump-Up playlist on Spotify! This will wake you up, and bring a little joy and energy into your commute. 


3) Take 60 seconds when you pull into your parking spot at work to deep breathe. You can try inhaling for 4 seconds, holding it for 4 seconds, and exhaling for 4 seconds. This is a great way to focus on your breath and calm your mind. Imagine inhaling energy + light and exhaling stress. BONUS! If you have more than 60 seconds, try meditating for longer. We have a 7-minute breathwork + meditation session for lightworkers that you can listen to. This will help you prepare your mind for work or to let go of your shift before you step into your home. 


Another thing you can do if meditating isn’t your thing is spend those 60 seconds listening to this video from Cat. It will get you in the best headspace for your shift! 

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