3 Study Mindset Tips for Nursing Students

December 05, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

3 Study Mindset Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing school can be incredibly challenging, and it can feel like you need to study*all the time* to be able to master all of the material. We wanted to give you a resource to help you with your mindset for studying to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes along with being a nursing student.

1. Your approach matters. 

Even if you don’t feel like studying and wish you were doing something else, reframing your mindset is KEY to staying high vibe and being productive while you’re studying. If you go into studying with the mindset of “There’s too much, I’m never going to remember it all” or “This is going to take all day and I won’t even finish the content” - you’re going to have a hard time staying positive and focused. We suggest writing down a few affirmations before you get started with studying to help reframe your mindset and approach studying in a positive way. Here are a few of our favorites:
    • “I am hard working, and capable of learning anything”  
    • “My mind is sharp and focused” 
    • “My study habits are getting better each day"

    2. Your environment is key - and it includes YOU!

    Your environment includes your physical workspace and yourself. Here are a few tips for both! 

    Physical Workspace: 
      • Make sure it is clean and uncluttered. Having clutter out in your space can make your mind feel cluttered, so make sure to take the time to tidy your area before you get started studying. 
      • Study where you learn best - not where your nursing school bestie does! Know what works for you and stick with it. If coffee shops are where you learn the best, not the library, then don’t go to the library just because everyone else is. If you prefer to study alone and know it works better for you, then plan to do something social for fun later with friends instead of joining that study group.
      Personal Workspace:
      • We all know that working from the couch in sweatpants sounds a lot more appealing than getting dressed. But, we also know that how you look can translate into how you feel, so if you can, put some effort into how you look. Get dressed and ready for the day, put some pants and eyeliner on, and we promise you’ll feel so much more motivated to get things done.

        3. Reinforce high vibes on your study breaks

        On your planned breaks from studying, do something that will bring your vibe up and give you energy. Some great examples of this are having a 5-minute dance party, going for a quick walk, do a short meditation to ease stress, or calling a friend or family member to check in.Try to avoid social media during these breaks as it can cause you to go into the comparison trap and have FOMO, and we don’t want any low vibes hanging around!
        We hope that these mindset hacks provided you with a new idea to try for your next study sesh - and if you have any game changing study tips share them in the comments!🖤

        Nursing school is no joke, and we are so proud of you for all of your hard work. We need your light more than ever! 



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        April 03, 2020

        Sooo amazing!!! Thank you for this. I actually start Pharm next semester and this will be helpful! Just in my order today too eeek!

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