15 Seconds of Self Love for Nurses

February 04, 2022 1 min read

15 Seconds of Self Love for Nurses

Does all the February self-love hype have you thinking…

…honestly, how?
…I don’t have time for myself.
…there’s no way I can escape for an afternoon.
…bubble baths, yeah right.

If the last 2 years have reinforced anything, it's that the the opportunities to be overworked and under-appreciated are greater than ever before.

Making time for "self love" and "self care" may seem impossible, but this 15-second self love tip can be done from anywhere, anytime:

Read through these affirmations and pick one to say out loud 🔊

💜I love myself and share my uniqueness with the world.

💜I love myself, imperfections and all!

💜I am loving. I am worthy. I honor what I need today.

💜I align myself with love in order to be my most authentic self.

💜I love myself and put my needs first in order to show up better for others.



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